From Drag to Drift.

So Sunday was a much looked forward day. Having never drifted a car before I was looking forward to learning how. Rockingham Motor Speedway was the venue of choice however Learn2Drift also do days at Birmingham, Teeside and Skegness. I arrived at 8am to me greeted by 6 fully sticked up Jap cars in as bright as you could ever imagine orange and green. Andy and his team where all there to welcome the days students and guide us through to complete the relevant paperwork. Once I signed my life over to them for the next 4 hours it was time for the drivers briefing which gave us all an idea how the day morning was going to pan out. I was among 30 students all with big smiles and gagging to get behind the wheel. I was called over by the head man Andy in the Skyline and as I got into the passenger seat he smiled at me and said “No screaming” lol. I was told I was going to learn to firstly donut then work into a figure of 8 which sounds easy to say but I found out when I got behind the wheel it was anything but. It was time to forget everything you have ever been taught when it comes to driving on the roads as I would be letting go of the steering wheel and allowing the car to spin from one direction to the other while keeping the car under control. I managed to get to grip with the one direction donuts fairly easy but when it comes to changing the direction it was a little more difficult. However by the time my turn was up I was happy to say I had not mastered it but was more than able to get a full figure of 8 going on. With a mouth that was dryer than the track it was time to head in to hand the car over to another soon to become ASBO driver lol. Next up was the Handling track with a combination of turns and donuts. This was a chance to put together what you have learned in session 1. From a standing start it was foot down clutch up wheels spinning straight into a right hand drift then a flick into a left and then into a full donut round a cone and over the finish line. Well that was the aim anyway. We where given 3 chances of doing a clear round. Rounds 1 and 2 saw me spin off and get a big fat 0. However the final go started with Andy telling me to “Grow a Pair” and give it all you have done the trick and with a screaming start an awesome flick right then left and a lovely big donut round the cone and across the finish line saw me supporting a massive grin on my face and a big “you nailed that one” I could now say I can drift a car. Not to perfection but for a first timer it was fantastic. The session was ended by the teachers taking the students out as passengers on some full on kick ass laps of the track showing us all what you could one day be able to do. Learn2Drift will be able to get you to that sort of standard as they have many different packages to cater for all standards so now I have to decide if I want to take it to the next level???? Stupid question of coarse I do you would be mad not to.

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Learn2Drift for an amazing session and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

If you are interested in having a go yourself head over to their website and get booked. They also have a facebook page so look them up and see what other students have said about their day.
Pics can be found here:



Something new is always good.

Before Christmas I was lucky enough to win a competition to learn how to drift, something I have never tried before. Coming from a Drag Racing background it will be very different as you do all you can on the 1/4 mile to go in a straight line but Tomorrow its all about going side ways and controlling the car while doing it. The guys at Learn 2 Drift will be my teachers for the day and are very good at what they do. With backgrounds in the BDC (British Drift Championship) and competing all round the world what more could you ask for. With a host of high performance cars both NA and Turbo there is plenty of power to get the rear wheels spinning. I will blog a full report of the days goings on upon my return. In the mean time head over to, and their Facebook page,

Catch up soon.


Well thats the end of the season.

So the season has now come to an end and for me a little upset as due to ill health I missed the final round. This caused me to slip a place and finished in a more than acceptable 4th.

The season has seen many ups and downs and plenty of banter in the pits making all 10 rounds the best ever. The car made it through un hurt and looks like all is well for the start of the 2015 season.

The 2015 season looks to be a completely different cup of tea with more cars being built some with big power engines. However its not how fast your car is, it’s how many rounds it lasts.

Big thanks to everyone that made it to the end of the season an All at Team Wimpy Racing look forward to seeing you next year.

Bring on the Christmas Party.

The final table can be found here.

Just around the corner.

Round 9 was a good one for many seeing a few new PB’s for some and some good testing for others. I was consistent running 5, 13.2s. Clutch is having a few issues after a long season of stress just hope it holds out to get us through the final round this Saturday.

The top 2 places in the table look to be sone up and its touch and go for 3rd place so fingers crossed everyone.

It has been a great season this year with lots of new faces and some stunning cars on the track. Lets just hope the weather comes good for round 10 and we all get some final runs in.

Updates to follow next week.


Just around the corner.

Tomorrow see’s round 9 and the penultimate round of the CC Challenge. Everyone seems to be working hard on their race cars as every point in the top 10 is needed. For me to hold onto my 3rd place to not only get a good time laid down but an awesome reaction time is also needed to grab a few bonus points. Well the oil and filter were changed the other day and its sods law that the day i need to prep the rest of the car ready for tomorrow the bloody sky starts to drop the wet stuff. Well first break in the clouds i will be back out to whip off the filters and give them a clean then its water treatment time to allow the car to run a little cooler then the last of the weight shedding. Put everything back together and start her up to check all is on. A trip to get fuel then we are ready for the early start tomorrow. Tomorrow is whats called the Saturday Night Special, this means racing from 9am to 8pm fingers crossed for many runs and little down time.

Update will come over the coming days. Wish me luck.


With just 2 rounds to go.

Last weekend saw the 8th round of the CC Challenge and things are starting to get really close now. With most of the cars setting personal bests and even breaking into the next time bracket points are going all over the place. So with a new pb of 13.03 I am so close to that magic 12 second pass. The head wind may have been against me as my top speed was down on past rounds so perhaps with the perfect weather conditions we might just do it.

Round 9 is 6 weeks away so i think a much needed engine service and a clean up is well over due.

Catch you all soon.

Up to date points table.

A Mixed Day.

Last weekend saw an uncertain start with rain forecast over night and most of the day so we all had one eye on the forecast. We left home in the pouring rain and drove in and out of showers all the way to the track. Thankfully as we arrived the sky had stopped dropping the wet stuff and the track crew were all hard at work drying with the aim of getting some cars down the track by midday. Hats off to them they managed it and would you believe as the first car staged the sun started to shine and you could see the smiles starting to show of the racers faces. The only down side was due to an event the next day the track was really busy so the wait between runs was at lease an hour and a half which ment a lot of standing around in the pairing lanes but it gave racers the chance to chat and the public to have a look at the cars and ask questions which is always nice. As the sun got hotter so did the track and this caused a few cars to break. One of the cars in our series left the line so hard it snapped a drive shaft and put him out for the rest of the round. I know when Kev reads this he will have probably already found a replacement part and plans to fit it are in place. So only managed 3 runs, the first 2 were both in the 13.4’s the 3rd was a 14.1 but i did have Kev in the front with me lol. The next round is on the 16th August and fingers crossed we will see everyone back out and running their best.

Catch you all later.

It’s all coming together nicely.

Late update but all is well. After the weight loss the car went through We managed another pb. 13.04 @ 105mph.

They say every little counts. I think if it was not so hot on race day we may have seen a 12 second pass. This now puts me 3rd in the points table but the 4th place car is only 1 point behind and could well pass me after next round. Its a shot gap between rounds as round 7 is next weekend so will update after the next round.