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New race Map going on end of next week. Should up the BHP a bit ready for january.


A bit on the car.


What you see here is a 1994 Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon. It was imported to the UK from Japan in late 2004 and was used as a daily drive up until 2 years ago where it underwent a few small changes. The engine is still factory standard apart from uprated injectors. It now runs a walbro 255 fuel pump with uprated 2005 coil packs to make it a lot more reliable. It is also now running a full turbo back Japspeed system and is bolted onto a IHI VF34 turbo. It also has a stainless up pipe to aid with better flow. I have also fitted a large front mount intercooler and a full K+N Induction kit. To run all this i had to change the ecu so it now runs on a Unichip Q+ which is a 6x switchable map piggy back ecu. This will allow me to add a few different driving maps so i can run on a soft road map giving me better fuel consumption and then switch it onto the track map which means i can use higher octane fuel and additives. I have changed the inside slightly by changing the front seats to better racing ones and added a larger rev counter and shift light which is wired into the Unichip to give me a correct rev reading and allow me to set the shift light giving me the best time to change gear. 2013 was my first season in the CC RWYB Challenge which is run at Santa Pod Raceway in the UK and is open to any car or bike and is set into classes to make racing fair. My quickest time in 2013 was a 14.20 at 105 mph but i am hoping to get into the 13s in 2014. It would be great to get you to follow me as i start the 2014 season in January and i will update you all as the season moves along. Cheers Wimpy