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What an awesome day.

So race day has come and gone and the outcome was better than I could ever have expected. With the goal of 2014 being get into the 13 second bracket the 2nd run of the day saw just that with a 13.98 and the biggest woop from me as i came out of the timing office. Everyone in the class was giving out well done pats on the back but the day just got better. With extra piont up for grabs for best reaction time i firstly nailed a .05 then next time round a .03 all on the pro tree. With one more run to go it was an all out attack> Everything felt really good off the line and the gear changes were spot on the shift light. I was through the top end and all was good so as I drove back to the timing office i was hoping to back up the 13.98. I almost fell over when i saw the numbers. I had not only backed up the time i smashed it with a 13.35. What an awesome day.


A big thanks to everyone that is supporting me through the 2014 season and round 3 will hopefully be as good. 


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