Results are in.

Nice fast job done by the guys at the track as the points table has been updated. A nice jump from 7th up to 3rd in the table will do nicely. I think it is going to be a lose thing this year. Stay tuned.


Another great day at the track.

Race day was off to a bad start due to the fact i feel back to sleep after the alarm went off so was 45 minutes late leaving home, good job the car was all prepped and ready to go. Arrived at the track just as sign on opened so everything was back on time again. Time to test out the new bonnet mod. There was quite a head wind so it was going to be a good test. So with the car fuelled up and the que still nice and shot I headed off. I drove around going in and out of all the gears to make sure all was well before i headed for the fire up lane. With only 5 pairs in front of me Idid not have to wait to long for my turn on the start line. Its funny how you still get butterflies before you reach the line but its all part of the fun. I took the right hand lane which i find tends to be the better lane at Santa Pod and headed for pre sage. I lit the top light then edged forward into full stage. I had decided that for my first run,reaction time was not important so with a 1.455 light i was off. I changed gear bang on the shift light and was through the top end at the end of 4th gear as the shift light lit up. The run felt really good and the drive back to the pit was one of wonder. I headed straight for the timing office to get my run ticket to see how it really went. Now my previous best was a 13,37 and what i saw on the ticket made me a happy bunny. 13.24 another PB. I was not only happy that it was a new best time but was also very happy the new bonnet mod had done the job as my top speed had gone up by 3mph at the top end so I will be keeping things as they are, also the fact we were running into a strong head wind made things even better. I managed to get in 8 runs in total but none of them faster but still in the low 13 second mark. My best reaction time for the day was a 0.197 so not to shabby. Next round is in 5 weeks so looking forward to that. I will post a link to the table once its updated.