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4 PB’s in one day.

Saturday 3rd May was one of the top RWYB CC days on the calendar with racing through till 8pm. Banter in the pits was its normal self with jokes and the best thing that the challenge brings is the un endless amount of help people give if its needed. The sun was out the shy was blue an the wind was nowhere to be seen. My first run saw a 13.26 at 106mph and the first of the pb,s. The queues were never that long so I decided to give the car a chance to cool down after each run rather hot lap it. My next run was very strong through 1st and 2nd but i missed 3rd so had to double clutch which lost me a whole second and run a 14.01. my next next run was the next pb was a 13.25 at 105mph. I very strong run to the point i got a bit of blurred vision of the line. The track closed for lunch which gave me a chance to catch up with everyone and see how there day was going and unfortunately 2 of the cars were not running well so it was great to see everyone helping where they could to try and get them out for the afternoon session. The afternoon was a chance to improve on my reaction times and a 0.127 was my best of the day. My final run was the icing on my wonderful CC cake. A great launch perfect gear changes and the last 2 pb’s for the day. ET: 13.24 at 105mph and my best ever 60ft of 1.8seconds. Over all an awesome day. Not sure how many CC cars run so I look forward to seeing the updated table during the week. Until then  keep watching them lights.


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