It’s all coming together nicely.

Late update but all is well. After the weight loss the car went through We managed another pb. 13.04 @ 105mph.

They say every little counts. I think if it was not so hot on race day we may have seen a 12 second pass. This now puts me 3rd in the points table but the 4th place car is only 1 point behind and could well pass me after next round. Its a shot gap between rounds as round 7 is next weekend so will update after the next round.


Round 6

So it’s been a while since I have updated the blog but its been a long time between rounds.

I have not been idol as you can see from the photo below. The full aircon system has been ripped out which means the car is almost 40kg lighter for it. I have also taken the back seats out and the rear seat belts and brackets which weighed in at another 40kg plus. 

Round 6 is less than 48 hours away and it looks like it’s going to be a nice sunny day and i expect the track to be fairly busy. It would be great to set a new PB at this round but i am not banking on it. I will update Sunday.