A Mixed Day.

Last weekend saw an uncertain start with rain forecast over night and most of the day so we all had one eye on the forecast. We left home in the pouring rain and drove in and out of showers all the way to the track. Thankfully as we arrived the sky had stopped dropping the wet stuff and the track crew were all hard at work drying with the aim of getting some cars down the track by midday. Hats off to them they managed it and would you believe as the first car staged the sun started to shine and you could see the smiles starting to show of the racers faces. The only down side was due to an event the next day the track was really busy so the wait between runs was at lease an hour and a half which ment a lot of standing around in the pairing lanes but it gave racers the chance to chat and the public to have a look at the cars and ask questions which is always nice. As the sun got hotter so did the track and this caused a few cars to break. One of the cars in our series left the line so hard it snapped a drive shaft and put him out for the rest of the round. I know when Kev reads this he will have probably already found a replacement part and plans to fit it are in place. So only managed 3 runs, the first 2 were both in the 13.4’s the 3rd was a 14.1 but i did have Kev in the front with me lol. The next round is on the 16th August and fingers crossed we will see everyone back out and running their best.

Catch you all later.