With just 2 rounds to go.

Last weekend saw the 8th round of the CC Challenge and things are starting to get really close now. With most of the cars setting personal bests and even breaking into the next time bracket points are going all over the place. So with a new pb of 13.03 I am so close to that magic 12 second pass. The head wind may have been against me as my top speed was down on past rounds so perhaps with the perfect weather conditions we might just do it.

Round 9 is 6 weeks away so i think a much needed engine service and a clean up is well over due.

Catch you all soon.

Up to date points table.


Quick Update.

Just a quick update. All is going well and looking forward to the next round on the 16th. I managed to keep my 3rd place spot after the last round but its getting close at the top. The top 2 are fighting each other and are well away but the rest of the top 5 will be close for the rest of the season.http://www.rwyb.co.uk/cc_results2014challenge.php