Just around the corner.

Tomorrow see’s round 9 and the penultimate round of the CC Challenge. Everyone seems to be working hard on their race cars as every point in the top 10 is needed. For me to hold onto my 3rd place to not only get a good time laid down but an awesome reaction time is also needed to grab a few bonus points. Well the oil and filter were changed the other day and its sods law that the day i need to prep the rest of the car ready for tomorrow the bloody sky starts to drop the wet stuff. Well first break in the clouds i will be back out to whip off the filters and give them a clean then its water treatment time to allow the car to run a little cooler then the last of the weight shedding. Put everything back together and start her up to check all is on. A trip to get fuel then we are ready for the early start tomorrow. Tomorrow is whats called the Saturday Night Special, this means racing from 9am to 8pm fingers crossed for many runs and little down time.

Update will come over the coming days. Wish me luck.